Managed Care Information


This following information is intended for Texas Workers’ Compensation policyholders utilizing a managed care program. In such cases, a letter describing needed information and resources (similar to this page) is included with the policy. We partner with Coventry to offer a workers’ compensation health care provider network certified by the state of Texas.

Employers choosing to participate must read the network educational materials and post the following notice:

Network Notice

Employers should also review the on-line directory below to ensure that the suggested medical providers are within the geographical service area of the worksite. You may call Coventry at 1-800-243-2336 for additional doctors.

Physician Look-Up

Upon initiating the program, employers should download and distribute hard copies of the materials below to all employees. Distribute to new employees within three days of hire and any employee at the time of injury/illness:

Coventry Workers’ Comp Network Employee Informational Materials

Document the method of delivery of educational materials, to whom the materials were delivered, the location of the delivery, and the date delivered.

Be sure that all employees sign the form below and keep a copy in the employee’s personnel file.  (An employee who refuses to sign remains subject to network requirements, but the refusal should be documented in the employee’s personnel file.)

Employee Acknowledgement

When an injury or illness occurs, report the incident immediately by calling 1-888-NEW-CLMS (1-888-639-2567) and provide the employee with a copy of this form:

Provider Instruction Form

Mitchell ScriptAdvisor Quick Reference Guide

Submit Forms to

  • 570-825-0611 (fax)
  • Berkshire Hathaway GUARD
    P.O. Box 1368
    Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703-1368


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