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Workers Compensation
Product Spotlight

Workers’ Compensation

Our Workers’ Compensation coverage provides a host of value-added services before, during, and after a claim. With offerings such as up-front loss control measures to identify and correct occupational hazards, responsive claims handling, and the facilitation of quality medical care, we’ve been protecting our policyholders and their employees for decades.

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Tornado Safety

Bracing for Impact

Tornadoes represent one of the world’s most common and dangerous natural disasters due to their relatively-high occurrence rates, significant material damages, and fatalities. While studies suggest that certain areas of the U.S. are more prone to tornadoes than others (think “Tornado Alley” which represents the Great Plains in the central region), these tropical cyclones can actually occur anywhere and with little warning.

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Cyber Threats, Countermeasures and Controls

Cyber Threats:
Countermeasures & Controls

While cyber crime was already on the rise pre-COVID, the pandemic and accompanying shift to virtual working/learning accelerated the world’s exposure. The insurance industry suffered financially as a surge in ransomware incidents, hacked networks, and business interruption losses erupted. The result has been double-digit rate increases with scarcity at issue as well. Some insurers will not even entertain a cyber policy unless various countermeasures are met.

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Insurance Solutions for the Restaurant Industry
Industry Spotlight


We understand the unique insurance needs of businesses in the restaurant industry. That’s why we make it easy to protect your interests all under one roof. From safeguarding your employees to protecting property onsite and off to ensuring financial preparedness against potential liability issues, we offer traditional protection plus!

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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

GUARD continues to remain fully operational with most staff working remotely and we continue to follow the guidelines issued by government health authorities. View our COVID-19 Resources for helpful information regarding Cyber Safety, Health, Working Remotely, and more….

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