Keep your mind on the road, not on your insurance coverage.

Vehicles used to conduct a service, transport goods, haul tools and equipment, or are owned by a corporation or partnership require a separate commercial insurance policy to protect against liability, collision, personal injury, etc. (Many business owners are surprised to learn that certain vehicle types and those used for various business purposes are NOT covered under their personal automobile insurance.)

Our Commercial Auto coverage does just that with the flexibility to accommodate companies with one vehicle or many more! Let us take care of your insurance so you can keep your mind on other matters . . . like the road.

Targeted Industries:

  • Artisan Contractors
  • Service & Repair Operations
  • Delivery & Distributors
  • And many others!

SELF-SERVICE [Policyholder Service Center & Mobile App]

  • Report a claim
  • Make a payment
  • Generate loss runs
  • Print vehicle identification cards
  • Review claims and converse with an adjuster
  • Chat with a representative
  • Upload a photo/document
  • View and print policy documents

  • Current policyholders can sign up for electronic delivery via our Policyholder Service Center.



  • 24/7 reporting via 1-888-NEW-CLMS
  • Timely estimates and appraisals
  • Expert subrogation team with national network of attorneys
  • Specialized litigation and fraud units
  • Seasoned catastrophe response team
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial Auto insurance, sometimes referred to as Business Auto insurance, protects a business by covering the costs of damage or destruction to an insured vehicle and expenses associated with liability for bodily injury or property damage arising out of vehicle use. Most policies include uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage and/or medical payments coverage (also known as Personal Injury Protection) due to state requirements. Options to enhance coverage vary among insurance companies but can include rental reimbursement, roadside assistance, expanded towing coverage, and more.

What types of vehicles are covered under a Commercial Auto policy?

In general, cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles that are owned, rented, or leased by a business and used for business purposes are covered by Commercial Auto insurance. Hired or non-owned vehicles can be covered by separate endorsements to the policy.

What is the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage?

Collision covers physical damage to an insured vehicle resulting from a collision with another vehicle or object or from overturning. Comprehensive covers physical damage to an insured vehicle as a result of most perils (i.e., theft, flood, vandalism, fire, earthquake, etc.) except a collision.

Looking for additional information?

While it’s best to consult with a licensed insurance professional when choosing Commercial Auto coverage for a business, other helpful resources include: any state insurance department and the Insurance Information Institute.