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Report New Claims

1-888-NEW-CLMS (1-888-639-2567)

Helpful Information:

  • Policy number
  • A description of how, when, and where the incident occurred
  • Names, addresses, phone numbers of injured/involved parties or witnesses
  • The insured driver’s name, address, phone number (Commercial Auto)
  • The employer’s tax ID number, the injured/ill employee’s SSN and personnel file and any accident reports (Workers’ Compensation)
  • Legal correspondence (Liability claims)

Report Online (See below for reporting Disability claims.)

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Disability Claims

Disability claims forms are available here.

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Policyholder Service Center

What you can do:

  • Check on the status of an existing claim.
  • Converse with your claims adjuster.
  • View policy loss history.
  • Report a claim online (for most coverages).
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Tips for Controlling the Loss

  • Take reasonable steps to protect any covered persons, property, autos, etc., from immediate further harm or damage and keep a record of any expenses incurred in the process for consideration in the settlement. If possible, set property aside for examination.
  • Allow our adjusters to officially inspect the property/auto before any non-immediate repairs or disposition take place.
  • Promptly notify the police of any stolen property or suspected illegal activity.
  • Preserve any closed-circuit surveillance video.
  • If possible, photograph the scene; cell phone pictures can be helpful.

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