Restoring Employees to Useful Roles and Normalcy

Designed for use by our Workers’ Compensation policyholders, our RETURN Program (Restoring Employees to Useful Roles and Normalcy) aims to minimize the impact of a workplace injury/illness on the productivity and profitability of a business. Through strategies such as early claims intervention, coordination of medical care, and transitional employment strategies (light and modified duty), our program features step-by-step instructions for implementation as well as monitoring.

Components include:

  • Implementing a plan for prompt claims reporting
  • Establishing a preferred medical provider program
  • Preparing job descriptions
  • Developing steps to facilitate prompt, quality medical care
  • Identifying transitional employment strategies
  • Establishing a procedure for implementing these strategies
  • Creating a plan to monitor the effectiveness of the program

Sample management support statement, job description form, offer of transitional employment letter, and program evaluation form are all included.

Need help with finding an employee a light- or modified-duty assignment? We work with outside companies that can help with that, too. Contact our Claims Center for more information.