Online Training Videos

Below is just a sampling of the training topics we make available FREE for commercial auto policyholders through our partnership with Streamery.

Driving Defensively

When your employees are trained to drive defensively, they’re always looking for trouble. Not because they want to cause it, but so they can defend...

2015 / 27 min / SKU: 3219 + 3219-S / English & Spanish
Distracted Driving

Company drivers have a lot of responsibility and face many distractions while performing their job duties every day.

2014 / 17 min / SKU: 3195 + 3195-S / English & Spanish
Beyond Safe Driving – Company Owned Vehicles

This video goes beyond the basics of driving to train your employees about specific skills in handling larger courtesy vehicles.

2016 / 6 min / SKU: 3405 / English
Backing Parking & Intersections

This video addresses the many unique situations drivers face to safely operate commercial vehicles while parking, backing and moving...

2009 / 18 min / SKU: 2537 + 2537-S / English & Spanish
Pre-Trip Inspection – The Circle of Safety

Demonstrates for professional drivers the key components of a systematic, comprehensive and easy to-remember pre-trip inspection.

N/A / 15 min / SKU: 3656 / English
Driving Safety: The Basics

Your employees do so much driving that it’s easy for them to forget how dangerous it can be. Every year accidents claim almost 35,000 lives...

2015 / 20 min / SKU: 3218 + 3218-S / English & Spanish