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Certification of Mitigation Criteria Form

AmGUARD Insurance Company (“AmGUARD”)

Dear Policyholder or Applicant:


AmGUARD Insurance Company is no longer writing personal line policies in the state of California. Effective August 21, 2023, all California Homeowners and Personal Umbrella policies written through AmGUARD Insurance Company with expiration dates of November 14, 2023, and later will be non-renewed in accordance with state regulations. AmGUARD started to notify all of its Homeowners and Personal Umbrella Policyholders that it will not renew their policies at the end of their latest term. Therefore, mitigation actions that AmGUARD’s Homeowners will or have taken prior to the expiration of their Homeowners or Personal Umbrella policy with AmGUARD, will not have any impact on whether AmGUARD reconsiders non-renewal of the Homeowners insurance with AmGUARD.


This online Form serves only AmGUARD’s California Homeowners policyholders and applicants for the sole purpose of collecting certain information regarding mitigation criteria applicable to their property.

Please carefully read the following information before completing this Certification of Mitigation Criteria Form (“Form”). If you don’t understand the Form or the content of the information, please reach out to your insurance agent for further assistance.

In a prior written correspondence “Wildfire Score Disclosure,” AmGUARD informed its Homeowners policyholders and applicants of the wildfire score that was assigned to your property. Starting 8/21/2023, based on each property’s wildfire score, completion of this Form may result in one of the following outcomes:

  • For policyholders or applicants with a property wildfire score between 0-49, completion of this Form will not result in any further action by AmGUARD because AmGUARD does not rate policies of that range for wildfire risk.
  • For existing policyholders and policies renewing prior to November 14, 2023, with a property wildfire score between 50-100, completion of this Form may result in a possible decrease in premium through your policy expiration date.

Once you complete this online Form you will be able to print/download a copy for your records, while we encourage you to complete this online Form, a printable PDF version is available for download HERE.

By clicking NEXT, you confirm that you understand the information on this page, and you confirm that you are ready to complete the Certification of Mitigation Criteria Form.

QUESTIONS? Please contact us at or 1-800-673-2465.