Managed Care Information


This following information is intended for Connecticut Workers’ Compensation policyholders utilizing a managed care plan (MCP). We partner with Genex Services Health Care, a Connecticut State Certified provider, to administer the plan.

Employers choosing to participate in the MCP must complete the following forms and return to us via one of the methods shown on this page:

Once received, we will review and process the application, including submission to the state. A representative from the Connecticut Commissioner’s office will then visit you to confirm:

(1) your company is knowledgeable about the MCP;
(2) you have access to Genex’s online managed care services and tools; and
(3) your company has an established safety program and a return-to-work program.

Once these items have been successfully reviewed, your application will be approved, and a Genex representative will contact you to schedule an implementation date. We recommend choosing a date within two weeks of the request.

Once set, your company will receive an MCP certificate, and you should immediately initiate the MCP as outlined in the following materials:

Submit Forms to


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