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Below is just a sampling of the training topics we make available FREE for workers’ compensation policyholders through our partnership with Streamery.

An Overview of Workplace Safety

In just an instant, a workplace injury can transform a productive worker into one who is unable to work. This is why workplace injuries...

2013 / 10 min / SKU: 3012 + 3012-S / English & Spanish
Understanding/Preventing Slips, Trips & Falls

This program will provide viewers with a detailed understanding of how and why slips, trips, and falls occur in the workplace, and the precautions...

2021 / 12 min / SKU: 5064 + 5064-S / English & Spanish
Basic Electrical Safety for the Average Person

Electricity is something we use every day, but not all of us are professionally trained electricians. This video explains the basics of electrical safety...

2019 / 11 min / SKU: 4208 + 4208-S / English & Spanish

OSHA Recordkeeping for Employees

OSHA Recordkeeping for Employees training program discusses the regulation, its reporting and recordkeeping requirements...

2019 / 16 min / SKU: 3659 / English
GHS: The Basics

GHS or Globally Harmonized System is a method of identifying chemicals and their associated hazards. This training video provides your employees...

2018 / 3 min / SKU: 3558 + 3558-S / English & Spanish
Using Fire Extinguishers

More than a million fire emergencies are reported in the United States every year. When a workplace fire occurs, an employee will often be the first...

2017 / 15 min / SKU: 3550 + 3550-S / English & Spanish
Hazard Recognition

Recognizing and controlling hazards is an essential part of workplace safety. An effective hazard recognition program helps employees work more safely...

2016 / 17 min / SKU: 3429 + 3429-S / English & Spanish
Safety Orientation Updated

Employees new to a job are more likely to be hurt in an accident. This can be avoided through an effective safety orientation before they begin work.

2007 / 18 min / SKU: 2321 + 2321-S / English & Spanish