BH GUARD Named One of the Best BOP Insurance Companies for 2022

March 15, 2022

AdvisorSmith recently named Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies one of the Best Businessowner’s Policy (BOP) Insurance Companies for 2022.

AdvisorSmith rated providers on a number of factors including financial strength, customer satisfaction, ease-of-use, and more to find the best in the industry. “When shopping for a BOP, it’s important to be aware of your business’s individual needs as well as the types of policy options available from an insurer,” the article states. “It’s crucial to ensure that your insurer is financially stable and will be able to pay out large claims if a major incident occurs. It’s also important to choose an insurer that offers good customer support — you’ll want to make sure your insurer is available and ready to assist when a claim arises.”

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