Security Systems: The Case for Cameras & Alarms

March 29, 2022
Security systems

Home and business owners understand that securing their property and assets against criminal activity is an everyday concern. Burglaries, vandalism, and other violations of the law are an unfortunate but real concern, and statistics suggest the problem is growing.

While security equipment requires an initial investment, the pay off in protection can be invaluable.

Security alarms and cameras – particlarly when used together – can be a VERY effective criminal deterrent. Video footage of an illegal act can also be useful in settling insurance claims and even . . . tracking down guilty parties! Plus, many insurance companies offer a premium discount to policyholders who have security systems in place, so costs can be offset from the start.

Talk with your insurance agent about the right protection for your home or business and be sure to review the additional tips to boost security.


  • Visibility. Visible alarms, cameras, and security system signs alert potential burglars that your home or business may not be worth the risk.
  • Lighting. Outdoor lighting (especially motion-activated lighting) can both deter criminal activity and help the effectiveness of your system.
  • Nightvision. Similar to lighting around your business, good color night vision or infrared LED sensors create a clear picture in the dark.
  • Sirens and voices. Alarms and cameras with built-in sirens and speakers provide additional warning that your property is being surveilled.
  • Durability. When choosing a system, be sure to consider one that can withstand weather conditions in your area, including temperature.

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