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EastGUARD Insurance Company

EastGUARD Insurance Company

EastGUARD Insurance Company provides Workers’ Compensation coverage as well as a wide range of accompanying services for primarily small- to mid-sized businesses in select states.

Through the combined resources of our subsidiaries, our Workers' Compensation insurance can offer many flexible options and value-added services that can make a workplace safer and the bottom line stronger! For example…

  • Multiple pricing tiers and our utilization of schedule credits/debits (where available) provide maximum flexibility.
  • Businesses can earn return premium with Dividend Programs / Safety Groups.
  • Many payment options exist, including payroll processing and payroll reporting.
  • Our unique Cooperative Care Program offers customized loss control (including an extensive return-to-work program), medical management, subrogation, and fraud prevention strategies.
  • A fast and easy process enables a quicker quote.

More information about Berkshire Hathaway GUARD’s activities and the best means of taking advantage of them is explained throughout this web site. We encourage you to contact us with questions!


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