Traditional protection, just better.

Recognizing that the typical insurance needs of homeowners have changed over the years, our Homeowners coverage has been designed to meet a variety of circumstances. From traditional one- to two-family homes to condominiums, cooperative units, and more, we aim to provide insurance solutions for 21st century living. 

Our Homeowners coverage is designed for:

  • owners of one- to two-family dwellings, including townhouses and row homes
  • condominiums or cooperative units
  • purchaser occupants
  • life estate arrangements
  • seasonal/secondary dwellings
  • renters

SELF-SERVICE [Policyholder Service Center & Mobile App]

  • Report a claim
  • Review claims and converse with an adjuster
  • Make a payment
  • Generate loss runs
  • Chat with a representative
  • Upload a photo/document
  • View and print policy documents

  • Current policyholders can sign up for electronic delivery via our Policyholder Service Center.



  • 24/7 reporting via 1-888-NEW-CLMS
  • Timely estimates and appraisals
  • Expert subrogation team with national network of attorneys
  • Specialized litigation and fraud units
  • Seasoned catastrophe response team
  • Electronic property claims payments