Smishing in the Workplace

August 23, 2023

As the use of mobile phones for work-related activities becomes more commonplace, smishing attacks are growing into a serious threat for all kinds of businesses.

Smishing in the workplace

What Is “Smishing?”

Similar to phishing (the practice of sending a fraudulent email in an attempt to acquire secure information), “smishing” targets victims via a fraudulent text message sent to a mobile phone. Cyber criminals use smishing to trick their victims into some type of digital engagement, such as: encouraging you to click a link that provides them with access to private information or results in the automatic download of malicious software. In some cases, simply replying to the text can be dangerous because your response confirms that your cell number and contact information are legitimate and active! This confirmation can escalate the attack or increase the frequency of smishing on your phone. Hackers may even share your information with other criminals.

Be Cyber Smart

  • Did you receive the text message during normal business hours?
  • Is it likely you would have received a text from this individual?
  • Is the text encouraging you to do something?
  • Is the request urgent?
  • Does the text contain poor spelling or grammar?

If you suspect a smishing attack, DO NOT click, reply, or forward; delete the text immediately!

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